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Mission Statement:

Improve the quality of life for Del Aire residents by promoting neighborhood safety, organizing community events, encouraging the beautification of Del Aire, and promoting communication between Del Aire residents and surrounding cities and the County of Los Angeles.

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Current Board Members (2016)

President:          John Koppelman
Vice President:   Ethan Kreiswirth
Secretary:          Peggy Murphy
Treasurer:          Sandra Shagat
Trustee:             Lisa Reagan

2017 Meeting Schedule
Tuesday January 17th
Tuesday April 18th
Tuesday July 18th
Tuesday October 17th

The meetings will be held @ Del Aire Park @  7 PM


If you have any other ideas for committees, please attend our meetings and/or email

You are always welcome to Contact Us.

* The Del Aire Neighborhood Association was formed in October 2004 by residents looking for a medium in which to bring the community together.  The main goals of the DNA are to provide a forum to communicate information pertinent to Del Aire and also to organize fun events for the community.  The DNA has several dues-paying members who provide support, however everyone is welcome to attend all of the DNA's meetings and are encouraged give input and suggestions.