Sunday, August 27, 2017

Wiseburn High School Opening Delayed

All parents, students, Wiseburn/Da Vinci High School,

Dear Del Aire neighbors,

As we advised in a previous notice, we have been delayed in the opening of Wiseburn High School at 201 Douglas in El Segundo.  Our current expectation is for an opening of the main building in October, with a specific date yet to be finalized.  As a result of the delay, the three Da Vinci high schools (Design, Communications, and Science) will be starting the school year with students on Tuesday, August 22 on their previous campuses.  To help keep the traffic and parking impact to a minimum on the Del Aire campus, we have increased our safety/traffic personnel to better supervise students and monitor traffic flow.  We have also moved two independent study programs (Da Vinci Extension, Da Vinci RISE) off of the Del Aire campus to reduce people, cars and congestion. Additionally, we have adjusted the start/end times for Da Vinci Communications and Da Vinci Design to provide a ten-minute differential in their bell schedules which will ease the crunch-time at drop-off and pick-up,  As always, we are coordinating with the staff at Del Aire Park and our own employees to make sure that students are well-supervised during arrival and dismissal.  We are looking forward to a great school year and we are genuinely appreciative of the patience and flexibility of the Del Aire neighborhood as we re-open the Del Aire campus. Please know that our staff is working exceptionally hard to ensure a positive learning environment for our students while causing as little impact as possible for the Del Aire community.  Construction continues at full speed on the new high school site and we are still on a projected timeline to vacate the Del Aire campus in October.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Chris Jones at<>